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A Trusted Name in Transmission Repair For 45

Reliable Transmission Service, based in Hillsboro, has been dedicated to serving Washington County since 1979. As a family-owned and operated transmission shop, we provide comprehensive service and repair solutions for all makes and models of cars and trucks. Our specialization lies in automatic transmissions, clutches, 4X4 systems, rear ends, drivelines, axles, and transfer cases. We take pride in our status as an AAA approved shop, a testament to our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and service excellence. We also accept extended warranty claims. To further ensure your confidence, we offer a substantial two-year warranty. Trust Reliable Transmission Service for outstanding automotive care and service."

$99.00* Transmission Service

It is important to regularly service your vehicle’s transmission every year, or 30,000 miles. When the transmission fluid and filter are not changed within the scheduled mileage, your transmission will continue to be lubricated with oil full of contaminants. This will shorten the life of you transmission and can lead to major transmission problems.
*Plus Fluid, Filter, Gasket

Check Engine Light On?

Your vehicle’s check engine light can come on for many different reasons. Reliable Transmission offers a FREE multi-check and scan where we can help identify your vehicle’s problems. This FREE service includes, a test drive where a technician checks the shift points, and a visual examination that includes: checking fluid levels, an examination of the modulator and U/CV joints, and  also checking the vehicle for leaks. By being proactive in diagnosing your vehicle, we hope to help cut down on major damage.

Services Reliable Offers

• Free Multi-Check
• Free Road Test
• Free Scan
• Transmission Repair 
• Transmission Service
• Clutches
• Differential Service and Repair
• Axle Service and Repair
• Transmission Coolers
• Transfer Cases
• Rear-Ends
• Drive Lines
• U-Joints



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